Coaching Thoughts: … Of why many coaches resist supervision

This blog really sang to me. We owe it to our clients to make sure that we’re quality controlling our work, opening ourselves up to scrutiny, leaving that ego behind. In this very crowded and unregulated field, I would recommend that potential clients choose coaches who are affiliates of a professional body (such as the EMCC); undertaking regular supervision; and continually updating their own learning and development.

The Museletter

I have offered a fair number of CPD presentations on professional Coaching Supervision and have been serving as a supervisor coach for the last 10 years. In that time I have heard very interesting conversations, both in professional associations and in coach training programmes, that coaches have relating to supervision. Reflecting on these I believe there are two reasons really.
  1. They don’t know enough about it,
  2. Ego.

Let’s start with the first one because the two reasons are interlinked.

Overseer or Partner Overseer or Partner

The word “supervision” is a heavily laden word, with connotations of power and control. The medieval origins of the word are by themselves (c1588: overseer of others’ work) a block for coaches understanding the importance of the practice of subjecting your work to voluntary scrutiny for the benefit of the customer.

The way it is still used in psychological and academic practice, which has a power connotation of…

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