London today

From the glorious Stella Duffy, message to the world…

Not Writing But Blogging

just in case anyone who reads my blog also countenances anything K**** H****** or T**** (incl Jnr) writes/tweets/says, London today was actually :

  • sunny!
  • taciturn (what are you people doing in my way as I run up the left side of the escalator?!)
  • touristy. it’s spring, you’re all welcome – tube etiquette notwithstanding. also, people, there’s nothing in Oxford Street to be so slow for, speed up!
  • busy (see above)
  • blossomy (see above above)
  • lots of smiling police officers, especially in the tube – they seemed very young and I felt for them, I hope they weren’t scared.
  • gloriously queer – Diva Awards and prep (for me) for Stonewall Equality Dinner tomorrow
  • loads of people being grateful to other people (this was nice, let’s do this more)
  • theatre people thinking about being more diverse, more inclusive (UK Theatres Touring symposium)
  • every ethnicity, every nationality, every diversity, every faith…

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